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        Exciting family holidays with TUI BLUE!

        TUI BLUE - Hotels designed for you

        • BLUE® Taste
        • BLUEf!t®
        • BLUE® Experiences
        • BLUE® Connect
        • BLUE® Guides
        • BLUE® Design

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        TUI BLUE stands for the new hotel experience – designed for you!

        Hotels in the most beautiful corners of the world and almost endless possibilities to customise your holiday. Your unforgettable holiday experience awaits! 

        For adults. For families. For all.

        At TUI BLUE you can expect:

        • Modern, regional, and healthy cuisine 
        • Unique experiences for body and soul
        • Body rejuvenation with BLUEf!t® 
        • BLUE® Guides – always there to help
        • Digital holiday planner BLUE® App
        • Design for well-being

        BLUE® Taste

        Local or international? BLUE® Taste combines the best of local cuisine and international all-time favourites. Always fresh, always high-quality, and always with that certain something – whether authentic regional specialties or the latest trends from international fusion cuisine.

        Is anything missing? Vegetarian or vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free, low carb or just delicious – BLUE® Taste is designed for you.  

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        Group courses in front of a breathtaking backdrop

        Work out or relax? BLUEf!t® is  so much more: Exuberant group fitness, professional BLUEf!t® guides, individual training, wellness – for strength, endurance, relaxation, and flexibility. And we have also thought of the right diet, for example low carb.

        Put together your individual BLUEf!t® programme when and how you want. Find the BLUEf!t® programme of your TUI BLUE hotel in the BLUE® App, one click on the course, and you're in – BLUEf!t® is designed for you.

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        BLUE® Experiences

        TUI BLUE for families Familie Spaß bei Jeep Safari

        Action or culture? BLUE® Experiences will make your holiday unforgettable. From wine tasting to ziplining, from language courses to sailing excursions – with TUI BLUE you can experience more whilst on holiday.

        Broaden your horizons, soak up the lifestyle of your travel destination, and experience a great time. BLUE® Experiences designed for you.

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        BLUE® Connect

        TUI BLUE for all Gäste schauen sich Sportangebot an

        Want to check-in online or reserve a table? Plan and design your holiday at TUI BLUE and bring your vision to life with BLUE® Connect. Check in online before you arrive at the hotel, secure the perfect room location and amenities by booking your desired room, and manage everything that makes your holiday unique via the BLUE® App:

        The table in the à la carte restaurant, the spot in the yoga class, the childcare reservation in the Kids Club, last questions to the hotel before arrival... Wi-Fi is included throughout the hotel grounds. BLUE® Connect is designed for you.

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        BLUE® Guides

        Gästebetreuung TUI BLUE

        What doesn't the BLUE® Guide know? The BLUE® Guides are your contacts at the TUI BLUE Hotels. No matter what you are looking for, the BLUE® Guides can offer insight. They know the best shopping spots, the most beautiful cafés, the most rewarding excursion destinations – as only locals know them. Would you like to surprise your sweetheart with a special gift? Do you have a special diet and have questions about food? Our BLUE® Guides are there for you.

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        BLUE® Design

        Modern or traditional? BLUE® Design  is the synthesis of stylish, locally inspired, contemporary, and functional. High-quality materials and appealing shapes and colours in all areas of the TUI BLUE hotels create an inviting atmosphere. Arrive at the hotel and feel right at home – BLUE® Design is designed for you.

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