Lars Debbert – Blogger Architektur TUI BLUE Hotels

Lars Debbert , Experience architect


Ideas become worlds of experience that touch and move people

BLUEf!t is more than just a sports programme. It's a holistic experience of strength, endurance, flexibility, relaxation and healthy nutrition. I'm an experience architect and I lend space, function and atmosphere to ideas. We have created the spaces that allow people to experience the BLUEf!t concept with all of their senses. Intelligently designed outdoor and indoor stations make health and exercise into an experience that – combined with balanced nutrition and relaxation exercises and an inspiring atmosphere – engenders wellness.

man bouldering

We have designed the BLUEf!t stations so that they are appealing and motivating for both groups and individuals. Outdoor activities go beyond classics like walking and jogging to include trend sports like bouldering and slacklining. The indoor gym is designed to accommodate both the group dynamics of courses and individual workouts with a personal coach.

The focus is on not just strength and endurance but also flexibility and relaxation. A view of the sea makes yoga sessions and breathing exercises twice the fun. But BLUEf!t goes beyond the exercise programme and includes a complimentary health programme with nutritional tips for a sound body and mind. BLUEf!t is designed so that everyone can discover their own optimal feel-good training and can take this holistic, sustained positive physical effect back home with them in the form of training and nutritional tips and, of course, wonderful experiences.