Edwin Feuer - TUI BLUE Guide

Edwin Feuer , BLUE guide

TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park

Every day I’ll be here for our guests, helping them turn their ideas and plans into an unforgettable holiday

I was instantly impressed when I found out about the idea for the new BLUE Guides and I am looking forward to my new role. It’s great that we’ll have the opportunity to develop a rapport with our guests, who will be able to meet us every day around the hotel. Our team includes specialists who are particularly knowledgeable in certain areas. They will be happy to give guests insider tips for excursions in the region, recommend culinary highlights or to explain the latest fun sports on offer.

mountain biking in the Turkish mountains

It’s also important that our guests are given the chance to contact us with questions and requests before their arrival so we’ll be available before they begin their journey and also once they have returned home. My colleagues and I see ourselves as “friends and helpers” who inspire our guests and provide them with ideas. In addition to the usual e-mail communication, it will also be possible to contact us via the new BLUE App.

Another highlight is BLUEf!t, which offers a perfect combination of fitness, nutrition and relaxation.    Whether activities are taken individually or as a group, they take place in our modern fitness rooms or in outdoor venues. Here it will be possible to meet like-minded holidaymakers and start feeling fit and rejuvenated in no time at all.

woman practicing yoga at the beach

The BLUE Guides TUI BLUE is treading new paths in its communication with hotel guests, both technologically, as well as personally. At the focus of this are our BLUE Guides who aren’t just on hand to provide information, but also to play an active part in shaping your holiday. Always under the motto: “You can do everything – but you don't have to do anything”.

Get in shape with BLUEf!t
holiday. Holidays are a time to finally focus on yourself. With BLUEf!t you get to work specifically on your fitness and physical condition, build up your mental and physical strength, recharge your batteries, optimise your figure and enjoy a balanced diet. For a more balanced life in the long term.

  • Personal contact person and host
  • 360° supervision before, during and after your holiday
  • Insider knowledge, for example about local cuisine, spas, sports and entertainment
  • Comprehensive offer for fitness, relaxation and nutrition