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Wilde Wasser ("Wild Waters")

A must-see is the "Wilde Wasser" hike through deep gorges, across a suspension bridge, and up to the highest waterfall in Styria, Austria. Experience the raw power of water. As a whole or in individual stages.

suspension bridge Schladming

When National Geographic documents a hiking trail, you know it has to be unique. "Wilde Wasser" is one of the most extraordinary hiking trails in the world and runs 14 kilometres along the Riesachbach. Starting in the gorge below, the trail can be overcome in various, challenging stages. The Alpine path "durch die Höll" ("Through Hell") passes the spectacular Riesach Waterfall with its many levels, using a suspension bridge and viewing platforms. The water thunders down 140 metres, making it the highest waterfall in Styria, Austria. This fantastic natural spectacle is especially impressive in the springtime when the snow is melting. To learn more about the unique and beautiful "Wilde Wasser" hike, go here.

  • 14-kilometre hike with various difficulty levels
  • Hiking in stages
  • Gorges
  • Spectacular suspension bridge
  • 140 metre-high waterfall

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