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Exhibition Distillery

Austria's only factory that combines two distilleries in one company.

Exhibition Distillery
Exhibition Distillery

The Mandlberggut is Austria's only facility that connects two distilleries and offers guided tours.

The family-run operation is located at an altitude of 980 metres and offers majestic views of the Dachstein massif. The Warter family will entice you with culinary delicacies. These include freshly baked country bread, homemade sausages, and the delicious cakes from the pastry chef and hostess Doris Warter.

Additionally there's an exhibition distillery, which produces excellent spirits, liqueurs, and whiskey that can all be tasted. Liquor isn't the only thing being distilled; the precious and essential mountain pine oil is also produced here. The family harvests the mountain pine exclusively at Obertauern, which is a natural area untouched by humans, and the mountain pine characterises the strength of Mother Earth. The mountain pine oil is a treasure from the Alpine region and has always been a traditional remedy for respiratory diseases. The mountain pine is protected and may only be harvested for oil extraction with special permission. To extract a liter of mountain pine oil, you need 400 kilograms of needles and twigs.

The combination of an exhibition distillery, a mountain pine distillery, and a snack bar definitely makes this worth a visit!

Tip: Mandling is also the place where you'll find the Steiner 1888 Wool World. Combine these two attractions in the same daytrip! The Mandlberggut is about 15 kilometres from the Hotel TUI BLUE Schladming.

  • A guided tour is free with your summer card.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (Tuesday, day of rest; Sunday, no tours)

Hotel: TUI BLUE Schladming