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Mallorca Wine Tour

Sample sun-kissed wines right at the winery

Mallorca Wine Tour TUI BLUE Rocador excursion
Mallorca Wine Tour TUI BLUE Rocador excursion

On the Mallorca Wine Tour, you'll visit two renowned wineries in Mallorca's wine-growing region, whose wines you will taste, of course. The wineries Macia Batle and Ramanyà are located in the picturesque village of Santa Maria del Cami. The red, white, and rosé wines are served with Mallorcan snacks. The Mallorca Wine Tour is part of the exclusive and authentic TUI Collection excursions.

At the first winery - Macia Batle - you'll learn a lot about the history and wines of the winery. You taste four wines - a crisp white, a fruity rosé, and two red crianzas. Enjoy fresh bread with locally produced olive oil and cheese.

The second highlight of the Mallorca Wine Tour awaits you in Ramanyà, where you'll get a tour of the vineyard and wine cellar. Admire the collection of rural artifacts from the house before you learn how the wines are made. Then it's over to the wine tasting - try three wines of your choice and some traditional Mallorcan wheat crackers.

Maybe our blog article will inspire you to a wine tour. We have tested another winery in Mallorca.

Info: You can book the excursion on site through the BLUE Guide or in advance online, where you can also find out about prices and times.