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TUI BLUE Palm Garden


Manavgat · Turquoise Coast · Turkey

girl with ice cream TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Frozen yogurt from the kids' bar
Children's buffet
loving childcare
exciting activities
Action for kids
try out new things
Exciting stories
Kids never get bored here
Kids' club
Brand new kids' club
Child-friendly equipment
Play kitchen
hang out in the teens' lounge
activities at the teens' lounge
Baby pool
Children's pool
Water trampoline
swimming lessons
Make new friends
Slides and bouncy castles
children's rodeo
baby bed
Baby equipment
girl with ice cream TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Junge mit Essen an Buffet Palm Garden
Kind schaukelt mit Aufpasserin auf Spielplatz Palm Garden
Spielendes Kind Hotel Kinderbetreuung Türkei
Junge Seilbahn Kidsclub TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Leute mit Trainer beim Bouldern Palm Garden
Vorlesen Buch Kidsclub TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Kinder spielen Kidsclub TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Spielgeräte Kidsclub Betreuung TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Neuer Kidsclub Spielgeräte TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Sitzgruppe Kidsclub Familienhotel TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Spielküche Kidsclub Hotel TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Teens Lounge Relaxing TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Teenager mit Instrumenten Musik Teens Lounge Palm Garden
Pool Kids Club TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Kinderpool mit Wasserspiel TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Maedchen auf Wasserrutsche Pool Palm Garden
Kinder springen auf Trampolin an Wasser Palm Garden Tuerkische Riviera
Schwimmtraining Kind im Pool Palm Garden
Waterslide Hotel Turkey
Gruppe Kinder Spielturm TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Kind rutscht auf Luftrutsche Kids Club Palm Garden
Junge macht Rodeo Kids Club Palm Garden
Aufpasserin mit Kind Kinderbett Palm Garden
Babyphone safety babys TUI BLUE Palm Garden

Family holiday at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden

The TUI BLUE Palm Garden is especially family-friendly! Adventure slides, children's buffets, and exhilarating youth activities six days a week are enough to make any kid ecstatic. Teenagers have their own programme during the school holidays and can hang out together in their own teens' lounge. Whether in the electrifying Kids’ Club or with their parents, big and small kids alike can have a great time and enormous fun. The wide range of invigorating activities and sports from the BLUEf!t programme will make your family holiday an unforgettable experience.

Aufpasserin am Tisch mit Kind Kids Club Palm Garden

For children ages 3 to 5

6 times a week, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Malen im Kidsclub TUI BLUE Palm Garden

For children ages 6 to 9

6 times a week, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Improtheater Teens Lounge Palm Garden

For children ages 10 to 12

6 times a week, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Maedchen beim Bouldern Palm Garden

For young people 13 and older

6 times a week, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm, and 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; only during the school holidays

Cansu Cicek Resim - TUI BLUE Guide Türkei

Cansu Çiçek

BLUE Guide TUI BLUE Palm Garden

Here at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden children have a lot of fun in the Kids’ Club. They quickly make new friends and get involved in activities, giving parents peace of mind and time for themselves. There is something for everyone.

Holidays for big and small kids The turquoise pool area at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden is a hit with kids! With numerous adventure slides and plenty of space to splash around in, fun is guaranteed. Parents can kick back and relax while the Kids’ Club, which is designed for various age groups, and a dedicated programme for teenagers during the school holidays keeps the younger generation engaged and having the time of their lives. Kids can romp around to their heart's delight in the BLUEf!t Park and everyone can discover something new and intriguing from the programme's edutainment features. Baby equipment can be rented for infants, so there's no need to lug all your contraptions from home. Your toddler is in capable hands with the babysitter, so you can enjoy some quality time as a couple (upon request and for a fee).


  • Baby pool 85 m², up to 20 cm deep
  • Kids' pool 210 m², 50 cm deep with three adventure slides
  • Playground
  • Playroom 
  • Teens lounge to chill out

Children's services

  • Mini Kids’ Club for children ages 3 to 5
  • Maxi Kids’ Club for children ages 6 to 9
  • Youngster Kids’ Club for children ages 10 to 12
  • Teen program for young people 13 and older (during the school holidays)
  • Children's buffet
  • Kids’ bar with children's cocktails and frozen yoghurt
  • Evening exercise programme suitable for children
  • Baby set
  • Swimming classes (July/August; for a fee)
  • Children's buggy (for a fee, upon request)
  • Babysitter (for a fee, upon request)

All info about family and kids Where can I see the children's programme in detail? What does the baby equipment include? Find all details about your family holiday in the BLUE app.

Junge auf Ritterburg Palm Garden

Discovery activities

There's always something new for kids to discover, like searching for hidden treasure on the riveting pirate day.

Maedchen macht Hoola Hoop Palm Garden

Athletic activities

From dancing together to playing ball games, from the trampoline to the slacklines, from taking part in Olympic Games to simply splashing around in the water, there's more to do than most kids can get around to in a single holiday.

Frau bemalt Junge Basteln Palm Garden

Creative activities

You can let your creativity run free with painting, arts, crafts, and makeup. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Betreuerin liest vor im Kidsclub Palm Garden

Quiet activities

A day full of action can also leave everyone feeling pretty tired! If the kids need a breather, someone can read them an engrossing story or they play some casual board games.