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Try out the popular sport of archery at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden.

Archery outdoor activity Sports Hotel Palm Garden

Test your motor control with archery. Even in the Stone Age, people were using the bow and arrow to hunt, making it one of the oldest hunting tools in the world. The 19th century saw its popularity surge as a piece of sporting equipment, and archery was even made an Olympic event. With the release of Hollywood films like "Robin Hood" and "The Hunger Games", archery has gone from a sport to a craze.

Archery promotes concentration and forces you to relax. The BLUEf!t Guides will help you become familiar with the equipment, such as how to use the front and rear sights. Give archery a try and maybe you'll even hit the bull's eye. The hotel also organises competitions between the participants from time to time.

  • Place: Archery range in the BLUEf!t Park at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden
  • More information: You can get all the equipment from us.
  • Price: Free of charge