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Forgotten mountain village in the desert

Chenini Berber Village Excursion TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace
Star Wars Film Set Matmata Excursion TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace

You'll reach the mainland via the Roman embankment and discover the traces of Tunisian history through the scented olive groves and the dry landscape of the rocky desert. The name Tataouine (aka Tatooine) is certainly a household name to Star Wars fans. When looking at the landscape, it quickly becomes clear why certain scenes set on the desert planet were filmed in Tunisia.

Even in Chenini the past comes to life. The mountain village from the 11th century is still partly inhabited and here too the residents offer you the opportunity to visit their homes, which are dug into the rocks high above. From here you have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. An arched storage chamber, a so-called Ghorfas, served for a long time as a weatherproof warehouse for food and equipment.

Prices and times can be found in the BLUE App or from the BLUE Guide at the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace.