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Djerba Sensation

Exclusive island discovery only with TUI BLUE®

Djerba Jeep Tour TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace Hotel
Djerbahood TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace Hotel Excursion
Street art in Djerbahood
TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace Excursion Houmt Souk
Artist Jilani Djerba TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace
Artist Jilani

On this TUI BLUE® exclusive excursion, we will show you the most beautiful corners on the island of Djerba. With the Land Rover and only other TUI BLUE guests, we'll travel to the famous pottery village of Guellala, where you'll see pottery masters in action, and learn about the country's culture and history on a tour of the Ethnographic Museum.

After that, you will be captivated by Djerbahood: 150 artists from 30 nations have turned the Jewish village of Erriadh into a unique open-air street art museum. Larger-than-life portraits and abstract art adorn the walls of houses and shops, radiating a colourful zest for life. A must-see art experience! Later, stroll through the picturesque streets and bazaars in the heart of the island's capital Houmt Souk. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the bazaars and be enchanted by the charm of the old town. Culinary delights await you with a joint lunch at Dar Jilani, the home of Djerba's most famous artist. This lunch boasts not only culinary art, but also exhibits original art pieces made of recycled materials.

Read more about the island tour and Dar Jilani in the blog article, which we tested ourselves.

Prices and times can be found in the BLUE App or from the BLUE Guide at the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace.