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Djerba Explorer

Local culture and hungry crocodiles

Crocodiles Djerba Explore Park TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace

Discover the island of Djerba from another side with a visit to the "Djerba Explore Park". It is much more than just an amusement park with cafés, restaurants, and souvenir shops. The Djerba Explore Park also houses the impressive Lella Hadhria Museum of Local History, with works of art from all periods and regions of Tunisia. Take time to admire the detailed craftsmanship. "Djerba Heritage" brings life on a traditional Djerban farm, or Menzel, back into focus with vivid clarity. Visit the original furnished rooms and see how a kitchen or a bedroom in a Menzel is furnished. The crocodile farm with its approximately 400 crocodiles is the third highlight of the Djerba Explore Park. Don't miss the feeding of the creatures and see how nimble the otherwise lazy crocodiles can be!

Prices and times can be found in the BLUE App or from the BLUE Guide at the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace. Alternatively, you can take an individual taxi to the Djerba Explore Park.