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Ephesus & Sirince

The ancient site is a must-see

The metropolis of the ancient era - Ephesus
Ancient City Ephesos

More than 100 years ago, Austrian archaeologists discovered and excavated a relatively well-preserved city, which should not be missed during a holiday in Turkey. As you walk through Ephesus today, you can well imagine what the city must have looked like in the past. On paving stones more than 2,000 years old, you'll come upon temples, marketplaces, and townhouses. We'll begin our tour of Ephesus at Magnesia Gate. The main street of Ephesus is the Curetes Street. It leads past the former Agora, the meeting place of city leaders, and the ruins of various other buildings. The most famous of these are the Odeon (theatre), the Prytaneion (legislative and religious building), and the Hadrian Temple completed in 130 AD. The most beautiful antique building of its kind is the two-storey Celsus Library, the showpiece of Ephesus. The library was completed in 135 AD. The tour concludes with the picturesque wine village Sirince. Now is the time to downshift and enjoy life with a glass of house wine in a cosy village pub.

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