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Antique Split

Roman old town meets Mediterranean flair in Split

Waterfront Split
Waterfront promenade in Split
Coffeshops Split
Pedestrian zone Split
Tower in old town Split
Church tower in the old town
Perystil palace Split
Perystil of Diocletian's Palace
Roman archway in Split
Roman arch in the old town
clothes Line Split old town
Typical backyard in the old town
Stadion Hajduk Split
Stadium of Hajduk Split

A trip to Split's old town is a must during your stay at the TUI BLUE Jadran. The second largest city in Croatia combines ancient culture with a Mediterranean flair. The football club "Hajduk Split" is a recognizable name to football fans, and the stadium can be visited on a tour. Split's old town invites you to extensive shopping, sightseeing, and feasting. From the waterfront with its inviting cafes, you'll come to the old town, which houses the impressive Diocletian's Palace inside the ancient walls. The historic core of Split is a UNESCO World Heritage site, because Diocletian's Palace is one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in the world. You'll definitely be impressed, because there aren't just a few ruins in Split, but whole Roman building complexes that you can enter, such as the vaulted cellar of the palace, the monumental vestibule, or the Perystil, a space which is surrounded by temples. Read our post about Split on the BLUE Blog.

Take part in an excursion organised by the hotel or go to Split on your own. The city is located 65 kilometres from the TUI BLUE Jadran. If you have time, combine Split with a visit to the beautiful town of Trogir nearby or make a stop in Omiš on the way.

Info: Book your trip to Split at the Hotel TUI BLUE Jadran. The BLUE Guides are on-hand to give you tips on how to see Split.