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Omiš and the farmers' market in Zadvarje

Venetian architecture meets Dalmatian farmers' market

View on Omis
Old town with Mirabella Fortress
Estuary Cetina
Mouth of the river Cetina at the sea
Alley in Omis
Old town alley in Omis
Fortress Mirabella Omis
Mirabella Fortress
Farmer's market in Zadvarje Croatia
Typical market scene in Zadvarje
market in Zadvarje
Farmer's market in Zadvarje
Fruit at the market of Zadvarje
Farmer's market in Zadvarje

The town of Omiš is on the road to Split, about 40 kilometres from the TUI BLUE Jadran. Here, the river Cetina flows spectacularly between two cliffs into the Adriatic Sea. Pirates took advantage of this natural hiding places to watch for ships, which they raided back in the Middle Ages. Later, Venice managed to conquer the city and architecturally influenced the Dalmatian-Venetian old town of Omiš, which has been preserved. The remains of Starigrad and Mirabella, fortifications that tower above the city, date back to the late Middle Ages and can be visited. From these forts, the people of Omiš defended themselves against the Turks. According to legend, the defenders of Omiš used the echoes around the fortress of Mirabella to make their battle cries seem more numerous. The Turks then assumed that they were facing a grand army. Wandering through the shady streets of Omiš, beautiful Renaissance facades pop up all over as you encounter churches, historical gems, street cafes, and taverns that invite you to take a break. It's all explained by the Latin inscription at the "Home of the Happy Man". It says: "I thank you, God, that I am in this world."

From Omiš, the mountain village of Zadvarje isn't far. A large farmers' market takes place there every Tuesday, which is a tourist attraction in itself. This lively snippet of Dalmatian village life takes place on the road here. You can try it - bargaining and purchasing. From vegetable stalls with fresh garden produce to handmade crafts, which are great to take home, everything is here: dried herbs, household goods, wood carvings, homemade honey, pickled cabbage... there's even a small cattle market. Don't miss the views of the waterfall on the Cetina through the canyon. The viewing platform is located just a few metres from the market square. Even if you don't buy anything at the market in Zadvarje, you can get an authentic glimpse of Dalmatian village life.

Info: The BLUE Guide at TUI BLUE Jadran will be happy to give you tips on how to organise your trip to Omiš and Zadvarje. A rental car is recommended.