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Summer Toboggan Run and Malchow Monkey Forest

Exhilarating toboggan rides combined with intriguing insights into the animal world.

Affe im Affenwald Malchow Ausflugsziel Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

Tobogganing isn't just for the winter: Sledge and toboggan fans really turn out for the summer toboggan run in Malchow. With an altitude loss of 30 metres over the course of an 800-metre run, you can definitely get some adrenaline going! Lean into the curves to hit the gas and gain even more momentum. You can also fit two people in the double sledders! After a thrilling toboggan ride, you'll have to climb up again, but you won't need your hiking boots or mountaineering experience. You can skip the uphill battle by taking the lift and get right to your next adrenaline-pumping descent.

Right next door is a 3.5 hectare wooded natural enclosure that happens to be just as exciting: there's a large family of Barbary macaques living here. Their home is the Malchow Monkey Forest, where they can move freely and live peacefully. The bustling primates have no problem with people getting close, which make this is a fun and fascinating place to have an encounter with live monkeys. The Barbary macaques from Morocco are quite comfortable with the environment at Malchow in the Mecklenburg Lake District and live there as a large family with their babies. If you're an animal lover, you'll find even more species to adore in Malchow: The Ouessant is one of the smallest breeds of sheep in the world and its tiny size makes it especially cute. Kids will be especially ecstatic about this eye-level encounter. The Ouessant species comes from an island of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Brittany in France, and they're so small and adorable that you'll want to take one home and cuddle it forever!

The summer toboggan run and the Malchow Monkey Forest are situated only 20 minutes away by car from the TUI BLUE Fleesensee, but a bicycle tour is a much more scenic way to go through the Land of 1,000 Lakes. 

  • Hotel: TUI BLUE Fleesensee, Germany
  • PLACE Summer Toboggan Run and Malchow Monkey Forest
  • PRICE Monkey forest entrance fee €3-5; Toboggan run one-way from €2.50