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Sailing courses & rental

You have to try a sailing holiday in the Lake District.

Frau auf Segelbott TUI BLUE Fleesensee

Who wouldn't want the wind to caress their face like they're on a maritime expedition? When sailing on the Fleesensee, which is located directly at TUI BLUE Fleesensee, that's exactly what you get. At our nearby partner, Wassersport Fleesensee, experienced sailors can rent catamarans for sailing trips. Beginners can learn the basics and try it out in a free trial lesson first. With the typical two hulls, the equipment is particularly stable and perfectly suitable. An advanced course is also available, where the experienced instructor will show you how to harness more power and go faster. The Fleesensee is optimal for sailing because it's shallow enough to stand up to 300m from the shore, so beginners can easily find their way back into the boat if they fall out.  

  • PLACE Wassersport Center Fleesensee
  • PRICES FOR CATAMARAN COURSES Private lessons starting at €60 per person per hour, Introductory Course from €125 / 6 hours, Beginners Course from €225 / 12 hours
  • PRICES FOR OPTI COURSES F Course from €45 / 2 hours, Beginners Course from €165 / 10 hours 
  • RENTAL FEES from €30 / hour