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Fitness and personal training

Train with BLUEf!t for strength, balance, and endurance.

Blackrollübung Faszien bei TUI BLUE am Fleesensee
Therabandübungen mit TUI BLUE Guide im TUI BLUE Fleesensee
Sportgeräte im Fitnessraum vom TUI BLUE Fleesensee

Get your body into the best shape possible with BLUEf!t ! The unique and proven training concept of our TUI BLUE hotels combines various types of training with healthy nutrition and helps you achieve balance, physical fitness, and overall well-being. Endurance, coordination, and strength exercises are applied in different programmes and can also be combined. No prior knowledge is necessary. Our trained BLUEf!t Guides help create your individual training plan and give you tips and hints on how to perform exercises correctly. Whether you want to train with the modern machines in the professionally equipped fitness room, or just using your own body weight, it's all up to you. Specific warm-ups and stretches, as well as range of motion exercises, are used to release tension so you can go through your workout feeling primed.

For personal training, please contact one of our available BLUEf!t Guides and they will recommend the perfect diet for you along with an individually tailored fitness regimen. During the nutritional coaching, you'll learn what foods will be complementary to your training and what should be avoided. A selection of low-carb dishes, gluten-free food, and a vegetarian and vegan buffet are all part of the culinary side of the TUI BLUE concept.

  • Hotel: TUI BLUE Fleesensee, Germany
  • PLACE BLUEf!t area at TUI BLUE Fleesensee
  • PRICE Fitness room is free of charge   €60 per person per hour of personal training