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Blue White Fleet

Embark on a fabulous cruise through the Mecklenburg Lake District!

Blau Weiße Flotte - Schifffahrten auf dem Fleesensee

A cruise that's both funny and gorgeous! Especially when it takes place in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Getting to see the Fleesensee, Kölpinsee, Müritz, and other lakes from the passenger ships of the Blue-White Fleet is a classy experience. The tours, which lead you through lakes and canals to popular destinations in the area, are offered daily from the docks right in front of the TUI BLUE Fleesensee. For example, a visit to the Bärenwald Müritz can be combined perfectly with a small boat trip - instead of taking the overland route, you'll move slowly from the landing point of the Müritz over the Kölpinsee, the Fleesensee, and the Plauer See to your destination and discover the diverse animal and plant species in their aquatic habitats. In the Crane Tour, your can navigate around the naturally sheltered peninsula "Großer Schwerin" at dusk to observe cranes flocking together. And those who prefer to go by bike will love the cycling line. Shore excursions are available on the various routes at fixed times and it's wonderful to feel solid ground beneath your feet again, especially during long tours like the "16 Lakes" cruise. But those who get a taste for lake-faring will always long for the rocking ship on the water and wish they could get back on-board when "Captain Paff" calls the Blue-White Fleet.

  • PLACE Pier of the Blue-White Fleet in front of the hotel TUI BLUE Fleesensee
  • PRICE from €12.00 per adult; from €6,00 per child