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TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn

Fieberbrunn · Tyrol · Austria

Dinner at the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Included with half-board
Regional cuisine
Light dishes
Fresh and vital
Vegetarian and vegan
Trendy cuisine
Guilty pleasures
Cool drinks
Dinner at the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Breakfast TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Restraurant TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Light Cuisine TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Healthy Food TUI BLUE Feiberbrunn
Vegetarian and vegan TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Overnight Oats TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Dessert TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
Après-Ski TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn

Cuisine at TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn

Did you know you could eat so well in Tyrol? You will definitely taste it in the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn's restaurant. We spoil you with the half-board plan with local delicacies, hearty Austrian dishes and delicious food, which will also get rave reviews from health-conscious and vegetarian diners. Let the evening in Fieberbrunn start or end with a drink at the bar. +++ We're renovating the restaurant and the bar so that they shine with new splendour for you by the start of the 2019/20 season. That's why there are no photos of the restaurant areas yet. +++

Fresh egg dishes in the TUI BLUE Restaurant

Breakfast Buffet: Don't they always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Then head to the varied breakfast buffet at the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn. Sweet or savoury options, egg dishes or pastries, jams, cold cuts, fruit salad, cereals, and much more – even breakfast grouches can't say no to this selection. Add a delicious coffee speciality, an aromatic tea, or a healthy smoothie and you're ready to start the day in the mountains!

Dinner: Mountain air makes you hungry, and winter sports and hiking even more so. You've earned a delicious dinner at the restaurant of the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn. We'll spoil you with seasonal Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine. Vegetarians also be delighted by the evening buffet. Guests can enjoy soups, specialty cheeses, and crisp salads from the buffet. Choose your starter, main course, and dessert from daily-changing menus. Enjoy the evening at a cosy spot in the newly designed rooms or in the quaint Tyrolean parlour. In summer, there's a sunny spot on the terrace. From time to time in the summer, the seductive scent of grilled meat permeates the fresh mountain air - there's barbecue on the restaurant terrace.

Bar: The TUI Bar serves connoisseurs a taste for Austrian wines! But you should also try one of TUI BLUE's signature cocktails, a local beer, or one of many other wonderful drinks that will make an evening in good company perfect. If your stomach starts growling between breakfast and dinner, the TUI Bar serves tasty snacks.

Culinary offers
  • Half-board
  • rich breakfast buffet from 7:30 to 10:00
  • Seasonal regional dinner with menu choices
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and low-carb meals 
  • Barbecue events on selected evenings
  • Snacks on offer during the day
  • Specialty coffees
  • In summer you can sit on the terrace
  • Austrian wines
  • international selection of drinks
  • trendy cocktails

Menus and more

Download the BLUE App and find all the information about the culinary offer

In the BLUE® App, you can find the restaurant's menu and opening hours. Ask about the bar's special offers and book a place in the cooking class with the hotel manager.

More about the BLUE App
Overnights oats on a TUI BLUE holiday

How can healthy food taste so incredibly delicious? Simple. At the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn, we know what's good for the body and take up the latest nutritional trends with BLUEf!t. We combine that with fresh ingredients to make light low-carb dishes or vegetarian and vegan specialties with a wow effect. An active body will get a proper energy kick with overnight oats or a smoothie. Maybe you'll also get inspiration for your everyday life? You can easily make many of these at home. Just contact us!

  • Vegetarian, vegan, and low-carb meals
  • Smoothies for breakfast
  • Light and easily digestible dishes