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TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera

Gerani · Crete · Greece

TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera fitness class at the beach hotel Crete
TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera fitness class at the beach hotel Crete
TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera beach volleyball hotel Crete
TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera Yoga Class at the Beach hotel Crete
Yoga at the beach TUI BLUE
Evening entertainment live music with guitar
woman Party dancing
TUI BLUE Live music in the evening
TUI BLUE beach volleyball

Things to do at the TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera

With the wide range of family-friendly activities, the TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera defies boredom. From sports and fitness to ball and water sports, an exciting time awaits you. The close proximity to the historic port city of Chania invites you to take a day out, and with the rotating entertainment programme, you can celebrate your family holiday together every evening. Our competent BLUE® Guides are always happy to help you in your search for further excursion ideas. The BLUE® App will also keep you up-to-date with all activities in your family hotel.  

TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera fitness class at the beach hotel Crete

From sports and fitness programmes (including professional courses based on the principles of Les Mills), to various ball sports like basketball and beach volleyball, to the fitness room available for individual training, you can let off steam alone or together. With yoga, you can really unwind and recharge your batteries. There's also a water sports centre on site. The daily sports offer can be found in the BLUE® App

No fee

  • Fitness room 
  • Tennis 
  • Basketball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Group fitness based on Les Mills
  • Aerobics 
  • Yoga

For a fee

  • Water sports centre

HOLIDAY PLANNING WITH THE BLUE APP. Download the BLUE App and always have all the information about the activities around to the hotel. Table reservations, opening hours, menus, course bookings, hotel contacts, and much more.

How about a game of tennis or beach volleyball? There are plenty of opportunities at the TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera for sports fun. Your younger kids will love chasing the ball with you across the mini football pitch. The older ones may even challenge Mum and Dad to a round of billiards. In any case, lots of fun for the whole family!

Sports and games

  • Mini football
  • Billiards 
  • Playground 
  • Activities for the whole family, 6 days per week 
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball

By car, you can be in Chania within 20 minutes, 12 kilometres from your family hotel. Here you can linger at the picturesque Venetian harbour for a great souvenir photo, and stroll through the historic old town. If you want to introduce your children to a piece of Greek culture, be sure to visit the Chania Archaeological Museum.  South of the Hotel TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera, you'll find the White Mountains, where you can hike and admire the panoramic views all the way to the sea.  Further excursion tips can be found in the BLUE® App, or simply ask our BLUE® Guides on site. They're the specialists for everything that makes your family holiday at the TUI BLUE Atlantica Caldera even more beautiful.