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Wine Tasting

Taste the excellent wines from our own cellar

Wine tasting vineyard Il Castelfalfi Tuscany Italy
wine cellar restaurant TUI BLUE Castelfalfi Italien
Castelfalfi's wine cellar

Wine - especially Chianti - is at home in the cypress hills of Tuscany. There are more than 24 hectares of grape vines growing on the Castelfalfi Estate, especially the Sangiovese grape. After the grape harvest, the vintage red and white wines are matured in barrels. In the wine cellar of the Tenuta di Castelfalfi, you can get to know these excellent wines with a wine tasting under expert supervision. Learn how wine is properly tasted, and how to recognise and experience good wine with all your senses. Read about our experience on our blog to find out what to expect.

Several red wines, including the Chianti, will give you an exceptional tasting experience. The "Poggio alla Fame", which is made entirely from Sangiovese grapes, is particularly intense. A white wine has recently been added to the repertoire. You can taste all the nuance of these great wines. If you'd like, you can then dine in the Trattoria Il Rosmarino and pair your meal with the perfect wine. You can also take a bottle of Castelfalfi wine home as a taste of Tuscany for yourself or your friends.

Location: Wine cellar "Barriccaia" in Castelfalfi, approx. 900 metres from Hotel Il Castelfalfi - TUI BLUE SELECTION

Info: The wine tasting is on request. The BLUE Guides will happily inquire about pricing and arrange an appointment for you.