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Classic and trending sports that get you BLUEf!t. Holistic and targeted.

Training with Lars Löwe Palm Garden Turkey
Personal training
Bouldern Sport TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Private bouldering rocks at the TUI BLUE Palm Garden and Sarigerme Park
Wasser gymnastics Pool Hotel Activity Palm Garden
Aqua Fitness
Archery Trainer TUI BLUE Palm Garden
Rave Sport: Archery
Sports workout fitness Hotel Gym Palm Garden
Modern equipment in the fitness rooms

With the unique training concept at the TUI BLUE hotels, you can get fit and keep your body in tip-top shape during an active holiday. The BLUEf!t approach combines the best of fitness, wellness, and nutrition, and thus contributes to holistic well-being. Depending on the hotel, you can find indoor or outdoor courses in the BLUEf!t Parks - trending sports, classic sports, and team sports that promote strength, concentration, or skill. Trained BLUEf!t Guides support you as personal trainers with an individual training plan and numerous training tips. Try, for example, bouldering, slacklining, aqua fitness, archery, workouts on the SYNRGY Bluesky training system, and much more. Start the day by walking or jogging in the beautiful landscape around your TUI BLUE hotel. The BLUEf!t Guides know the most scenic routes.