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        Maisonette with sea view and private pool TUI BLUE Elounda Village

        Select Your Room


        Select your room in the TUI BLUE hotels

        Would you like the best view or a room near the pool? At TUI BLUE you can book your dream room even before you arrive. Reserve your favourite room with just a few clicks, according to your wishes. Use the interactive map to get an overview and find your dream room at TUI BLUE in no time at all. 

        We will do everything we can to make your wish come true. The actual room allocation takes place upon arrival. Select your room option costs € 10 per room and night. You can pay for your selected room on the spot at the reception. 


        What are the advantages of selecting your room?

        • Guaranteed room with desired features
        • Interactive map for easy search
        • Online, fast & uncomplicated
        • Possible as early as 90 seconds after booking your trip
        • Payment on-site

        FAQ about select your room

        • What are the advantages of selecting your room?

          When booking your selected room, it is possible to specify and reserve the exact location and even the exact room number. You can filter certain criteria, to select the building, floor and popular features such as the morning sun, evening sun, pool proximity and much more on the interactive map. In contrast to the other customer non-binding request’s, the allocation of the room is guaranteed. In rare cases, the club resort may not be able to provide the selected room due to internal operating procedures, e.g. repairs. In this case, an equivalent replacement room will be allocated without charge.

        • When can you select your room?

          Usually, select your room is available directly after booking (about 90 seconds) and up to 5 days before arrival.

        • What information do you need to be able to book your selected room?

          To select your room we need: arrival date, hotel’s name, reservation number from the tour operator or the TUI BLUE booking number and surname of the lead named person on the booking. You will need to enter your e-mail address so that a reservation confirmation can be sent to you.

        • How much does the selected room booking cost?

          Select your room costs € 10 per night per room. Outside the euro zone, the respective value is calculated in local currency. Due to currency fluctuations, the price in euro may be higher or lower.

        • How do I pay for the selected room?

          Payment is made on site at the hotel. The hotel reception usually accepts TUI Card/VISA, MasterCard, EC Card/Maestro and cash. At present, no deposit is needed when booking the selected room. 

        • What are the booking conditions to select your room?

          The booking details must be sent to the hotel by the tour operator. The reservation number included in the booking details must match the reservation number listed on your travel confirmation.

        • What do I need to submit upon arriving on site at the hotel

          The booking is made electronically. The hotel therefore does not request a reservation confirmation or a voucher. To ensure that you have all the information you need at your disposal, we will send you an e-mail confirmation of the room you have booked. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation of your booking, please contact your hotel (you will find the contact details on the respective hotel page under "Contact & address"). In exceptional cases, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the room booking. In this case, no charge will be made.

        • When can the selected room be occupied or how long can it remain occupied on the day of departure?

          Please note that your selected room is usually available from 3 pm on the day of arrival and until 12 noon on the day of departure. If you would like to book a late check-out, please contact us on site..

          * The check-out time may vary from hotel to hotel. Please refer to your travel documents for the exact time.


        • Is it possible to cancel or change the reservation of my selected room?

          If you wish to cancel your booking, please contact the hotel directly. You will find the contact on the e-mail confirmation of the selected room booking as well as on the respective hotel page under "Contact & Address". The following deadlines and fees apply in the case of a cancellation:

          up to 31 days before arrival: free of charge
          30 to 15 days before arrival: 50% of the total price
          from 14 days before arrival: 100% of the total price

          Subject to room availability, it is possible to change the room upon arriving at the club resort. However, a refund of the requested room price is excluded.

          If you cancel your booking or the trip is cancelled by the tour operator, your requested room booking will be automatically deleted. You do not have to actively cancel it in this case.


        • I would like to book select your room, but my booking is not found

          Option 1: it may take up to 3 days after booking for the system to detect your booking number. Please try again later. 

          Possibility 2: Please check your travel documents and correct your data. The system requires the booked hotel, the date of arrival at the hotel, the reservation number and surname of the lead named person on the booking (same spelling as on the travel confirmation).

          Option 3: Select you room reservation is not yet possible for the hotel you have booked. So far, select your room booking is only available for the following hotels:

          Toscana Resort Castelfalfi - TUI BLUE SELECTION
          TUI BLUE Falesia
          TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn
          TUI BLUE Fleesensee
          TUI BLUE Grand Azur
          TUI BLUE Montafon
          TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An
          TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace
          TUI BLUE Palm Garden
          TUI BLUE Rocador
          TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park
          TUI BLUE Schladming
          TUI BLUE Sylt

          If the travel data is still not found despite the options listed above, please contact the hotel (you find the contact details on the respective hotel page under "Contact & Address").

        • Why can I not choose today or tomorrow as my arrival day?

          Unfortunately, it's already too late. There must be two days between the room booking and the day of arrival.

        • How can I book a room when booking more than one room?

          If you have booked more than one room, this option is unfortunately not possible online. Please contact the booked  hotel directly (you will find the contact details on the respective hotel page under "Contact & address").


        • Why are no available rooms shown?

          Option 1: You have booked an economy room or a roomhopper. Unfortunately, this offer does not allow you to select your room

          Option 2: You have booked a family room consisting of 2 double rooms – this room type is unfortunately not available to select for technical reasons. Please contact the hotel (you will find the contact details on the respective hotel page under "Contact & address").

          Option 3: There are no rooms available on the required floor your room category. Please choose another floor. You can only select a room of your choice in the room category you have booked.

          Option 4: There are no rooms available in your room category according to the selected options. Please change the selection criteria.

        • I have not received an e-mail confirmation for my selected room.

          Please check the SPAM folder of your e-mail account first. Also check whether you have entered your e-mail address correctly into the booking field. If you have not received an e-mail, no selected room has been booked. Please contact the booked hotel directly (you will find the contact details on the respective hotel page under "Contact & address").

        • The application for the selected room booking is not displayed correctly.

          Select your room is not compatible with Internet Explorer at the moment. Problems may also occur on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, please first use the browsers Safari, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox via your desktop PC.


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