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        • My travel dates cannot be found
          • You may have tried to sign up too soon. It may take up to 6 days after booking for the system to recognise your booking number. Try it again later.
          • If your booking is not confirmed yet, your booking cannot be linked.
          • Did you select the correct hotel and arrival date and enter the reservation number correctly? Please check your travel documents.
          • In rare cases, the booking reference provided to your hotel by your tour operator will not match your reservation number on the booking confirmation. Please contact the hotel.
        • My first name or surname is not recognised

          Your first name and surname must match the spelling in your booking confirmation. If you provided multiple first names or surnames when booking, you'll need to provide the same for registration.

        • I'm a traveling companion and the first name or surname of the main traveller is not recognised

          The first name and surname must match the spelling in your booking confirmation. If you provided multiple first names or surnames when booking, you'll need to provide the same for registration.

        • I don't see the option to select a room
          • It's already too late. There must be at least one day between online selection of the room and arrival. You can reserve a room of your choice at check-in at the hotel if availability allows.
        • I don't see any available rooms
          • You've booked an economy room with your tour operator. For this offer, depending on the occupancy, the actual room type will be assigned shortly before arrival. As a result, you can't reserve a preferred room for these rooms. Ask at the hotel for a possible upgrade to a higher room category.
          • There are no rooms in this room category on this floor. Please select a different floor. You can only select a preferred room in the room category you booked.
          • There are no vacant rooms in your room category for the selected combination of properties. Please change the selection criteria.
        • I've booked several rooms

          Your TUI BLUE user account cannot currently display multiple rooms booked by your tour operator under a single transaction number.
          Each room must be booked separately. You can do this via "view/edit a booking". Please indicate the respective main traveller. The main traveller is the person named first in the booking confirmation for this room.


          ROOM 1: Anna Kowalska, Michael Mueller > Anna Kowalska is the main traveller

          ROOM 2: Thomas Smith, Olivia Smith, Emma Smith > Thomas Smith is the main traveller

          Please note that additional services will be charged to the respective room. So make sure that you have the authority making bookings on behalf of third parties.

        • I want to change my already booked selected room

          After the reservation of a selected room, changing online is not possible. Please contact the hotel.

        • I'd like to cancel my booked selected room

          Online cancellation is not possible. Please contact the hotel. The cancellation conditions at the time of booking will apply. If you cancel your travel booking or it is cancelled by the tour operator or the hotel, we automatically delete the corresponding "select your room" booking.

        MY TUI BLUE

        • What do I need a MY TUI BLUE account for?

          You can currently use your login information on the website to

          • access your  Wish List  (all saved hotels and  offers) on all devices
          • see an overview of your booked trips
          • automatically transfer your address data when you book
          • quickly and easily book your perfect room and check-in online
        • Do I need a customer account to make a booking?

          No. You are also welcome to book your trip as a guest.

        • If I am a minor, can I still create a customer account?

          There is no minimum age for creating a customer account. However, some functions within the customer account, including booking a trip, require a minimum age, and are only possible if you meet the minimum age requirement.

        • I have not yet received a confirmation of my registration. What can I do?

          Please check your spam folder first. If there is no e-mail confirming the registration, simply enter your e-mail address  and password  in the login screen. If there is an unconfirmed customer account associated with your e-mail address, simply click the link "Send e-mail again with confirmation link."

        • I forgot my password.

          In this case, please use the "Forgot Password" function. This is located
          directly on the login screen: simply click the link that says "Forgot password".

        • How do I change my password?

          To do this, use the "Change password" function on the login screen.

        • How do I update my personal information in my customer account?

          Personal information can be changed or updated under "My Customer Data".

        • How can I delete my customer account?

          Please send us an e-mail request at We will delete your customer account immediately.

        • Can I use the same customer account for other TUI platforms?

          Yes. With this user account, you can also log in on other platforms connected to the TUI Group, e.g. MY TUI on,, or with

        • When will my travel booking be displayed in my customer account?

          If you are  logged in to your account during booking, your travel booking will be automatically displayed in the customer account. This can take up to 24 hours. 

          You can also  enter your travel booking in the customer account yourself from 24 hours after booking.

          If you don't see your travel booking, contact

        • How can I manually add my travel booking?

          Travel bookings that are not automatically displayed in the customer account can be added using the \"Add booking\" button by providing the following data: Booking number, surname of the  primary booker/traveller, hotel, arrival date*

          *For all TUI package holidays, TUI hotel-only bookings, and direct bookings of the following hotels: TUI BLUE Bahari Zanzibar, TUI BLUE Falesia, TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn, TUI BLUE Fleesensee, TUI BLUE Grand Azur, TUI BLUE Montafon, TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An, TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace, TUI BLUE Rocador, TUI BLUE Sarigerme Park, TUI BLUE Schladming, TUI BLUE Sylt 

        • Can I add travel bookings that were made before creating a customer account?

          Yes, provided the arrival date is in the future .

        • Can I still add travel bookings after returning from the trip?

          Yes. This is still possible up to 30 days after arrival date .

        • Where can I find my booking number?

          You can find your booking number on your booking confirmation.

        • Where can I find information about the flight and my travel documents?

          Please log into MY TUI.

        • I have extended my stay on-site at the hotel and now have a new booking number for my extension. How do I add the extension/update my booking?

           Your extension must be entered as a separate travel booking using the "Add booking" function.

        • I already created a MY TUI BLUE account, but my login information no longer works. Why?

          The  MY TUI BLUE customer account has moved. You can continue to use your customer account. Please enter your e-mail address in the login area and then  create a new password. To do this, click on "Forgot your password"  on the login screen.
          Alternatively, you can also choose to register again.

        BLUE® APP

        • Why do I need the BLUE® App?

          The BLUE® App gives you the opportunity to book a table in the restaurant or a spot in an activity before your holiday. You'll also find information in the BLUE® App that you won't find anywhere else: opening hours of the facilities, menus, and details about everything in and around the hotel. There are direct contact options and a community wall where you can chat with other guests. Download here.

        • I can't find my hotel in the BLUE® App

          Hotels and their content are only visible in the app shortly before the hotel opening. Check the app a few days before the opening.

        • I don't want to download the app or I don't have a smartphone

          In every TUI BLUE hotel there are BLUE® Guides who will be happy to help you with your questions. They'd also be happy to reserve services or print out the weekly programme for you. In addition, there's an Inspiration Desk in almost every TUI BLUE hotel where you can use the BLUE® App for free via installed tablets. You can spend a holiday at TUI BLUE entirely without the BLUE® App - but it makes your trip so much more convenient and unique.

        • Do I have to register for BLUEf!t® activities in advance?

          There are courses for which you don't have to register in advance, and those that have a limited number of participants, which you can join with one click via the BLUE App. In order to make bookings via the BLUE App, you need a MY TUI BLUE account (see the section on MY TUI BLUE).


        • Where can I find the menu for the hotel?

          In the BLUE® App, you'll find the menu for the hotel. If you have further questions about the food and beverages on offer, you can also contact the hotel via the BLUE App.

        • Are there lactose-free and gluten-free foods?

          All TUI BLUE hotels offer a selection of vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free meals. You don't have to register for these in advance. If you have celiac disease, please contact the hotel for details.

        • Are there vegetarian and vegan dishes at TUI BLUE?

          In each TUI BLUE hotel, you'll find an innovative and delicious selection of vegetarian and vegan food and drinks.

        • I have a food allergy

          Please contact the hotel.


        • At which hotels are dogs allowed?

          In the hotel overview, under the filter "Holiday Type", check the box "with dog". You'll be shown all the hotels where dogs are welcome. You can find details on travelling with dogs at the respective hotel under "Info" in the category "from A to Z".

        • Which hotels are barrier-free/wheelchair-accessible?

          Hotel standards for accessibility vary. Please inform yourself about the respective hotel under "Info" in the category "from A to Z". If you have further questions, you'll also find the contact details for the hotel on this page.

        • How can I contact the hotel?
          • Under each respective hotel, you'll find the hotel's email address and telephone number on the "Info" page
          • You can write directly to the hotel via the BLUE® App
          • In the MY TUI BLUE portal, you'll find the contact details for the hotel, including WhatsApp contact
        • What are exclusive TUI BLUE excursions?

          In most beach destinations, we offer exclusive TUI BLUE excursions that only guests of TUI BLUE can participate in. More details can be found in the description of the respective hotel or in the BLUE® App.

        • From what age can I book an adult hotel TUI BLUE For Two?

          A TUI BLUE For Two hotel can be booked from the age of 16.


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