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        BRAINKINETIK® meets Freestyle

        TUI BLUE family event 18th to 25th Juli 2020 at TUI BLUE Palm Garden

        At the first BRAINKINETIK® meets Freestyle - TUI BLUE family event you can spend time with your youngest in a very special way. Our BRAINKINETIK® experts will make sure that with a lot of fun and unusal body movements, new nerve connections can be created for everyone.

        Location: TUI BLUE Palm Garden

        Date: 18th to 25th Juli 2020


        The interactive exercises teach many interesting things about your brain functunality. In addition, a freestyle pro will show & practice cool freestyle moves with you that will amaze others on your home soccer field. The joint brain-body training not only ensures great shared experiences, but also increases your mental flexibility, concentration ability and mental and physical resilience.

        TUI BLUE Brainkinetik Event
        Brainkinetik für Fortgeschrittene


        • You are looking for a cool parent-child activity on holiday that will connect you with your child(ren) in a special way
        • You or your youngest are crazy about soccer and want to improve freestyle skills
        • You think the unique combination of fun with balls, self-awareness and interesting factual knowledge about our brain is as exciting as we do
        • You already know BRAINKINETIK® and you also want to inspire your kids with this fascinating brain training

        Our experts are:

        Oliver Rehbach: BRAINKINETIK® - Trainer and instructor. As a potential coach, Oliver supports people who want to live 100%.

        Chris Bennet Bröker: BRAINKINETIK® - Trainer and freestyle professional Chris lives his passion and moves people in his own way.

        Price: 59,- € per person, only possible in combination with a stay in TUI BLUE Palm Garden (not included in the overnight price)

        • Minimum number of participants: 16
        • Maximum number of participants: 24


        Colorful and varied exercise program on 5 days with a daily 1.5 - 2 hour experience unit consisting of:

        • Football elements and freestyle highlight
        • Insights into the functioning of the brain and personal behaviour
        • Concentration and perception exercises
        • Relaxation and meditation
        • Including TUI BLUE BRAINKINETIK® training set.

        Designed as a family or parent-child event - please only participate together with your child or children (granny/grandchild or aunt/uncle-niece/nephew combination also possible).

        PROGRAMME - 7 DAYS

        • Saturday, 18.07.: Arrival and meet&greet (in the evening)
        • Sunday to Friday, 19-24.07.: daily 1,5 – 2 hour experience units. Except Wednesday, 22.07. No training - time for excursions
        • Saturday, 25.07.: Departure
        • Hotel: TUI BLUE Palm Garden at turkish riviera

        How to book BRAINKINETIK® meets Freestyle family event

        Bälle Brainkinetik TUI BLUE

        Send your booking request to the following e-mail address: Please note that the booking becomes binding after a written confirmation (matter of availability). Servicecenter


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