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        If you have any general questions about TUI BLUE, feel free to reach out to one of the contact phone numbers displayed on this page.

        TUI UK:
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        +32 (0) 2 717 86 60

        TUI Poland:
        +48 22 255 04 02

        TUI France:
        +33 (0) 825 000 825

        TUI Sweden:
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        TUI Denmark:
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        BLUEfit TV Personaltrainer

        BLUEf!t TV

        BLUEf!t TV - Fitness at home and away from home

        BLUEf!t TV is your digital personal trainer for at home and on the road! In addition to our successful BLUEf!t concept, we bring your favourite courses from our TUI BLUE hotels to the screen of your choice. Train where and when you want with our experienced BLUEf!t guides - so there are no excuses anymore!

        A central element of TUI Blue is "Bluef!t", the comprehensive concept for fitness, wellness and nutrition. Bluefit was developed together with the German University for Prevention and Health Management. Whether individually or in a group, during outdoor activities or on modern training grounds - Bluefit offers the right feel-good training for every holidaymaker.

        Click through our BLUEf!t TV playlist

        On your mark, get set, BLUEf!t

        Discover many articles on our BLUE Blog about BLUEf!t, the comprehensive concept for fitness, wellness and nutrition.

        Brain Kinetics: Fitness for the brain

        Brain Kinetics training creates new connections in our brain and activates our natural senses.

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        Brainkinetics: Fitness for the brain. You can find out how it works on the BLUE Blog.

        Sport Cycling in der Türkei Sarigerme TUI BLUE
        Indoor cycling: Why is it so much fun?!

        Indoor Cycling - It is claimed to be the perfect training for body and mind. Let's go! Pedal until your legs burn!

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        Read more about indoor cycling in the BLUE Blog.

        View blog post

        Namasté: Yoga at TUI BLUE

        "Downward facing dog", "sun salutation": while unknowing people look questioningly, yogis have already rolled out the mat.

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        Namasté: Yoga at TUI BLUE. Read more about it in our blog post.

        TUI BLUE Smoothies green Glas

        Mmhhmmm! How about a fruity pick-me-up in the morning? Discover now smoothie recipes to mix yourself.

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        Apple-cucumber-lime-mint, peach-coconut or watermelon-raspberry-apple smoothie - do you want to know how you can make these delicious smoothies? Then take a look at our blog post.


        • BLUE® DESIGN 
          High-quality materials, contemporary design, functional and stylish furnishings, all adapted to the needs of our guests.
        • BLUE® TASTE
          A huge variety of regional and international delicacies awaits you in all TUI BLUE hotels, including live cooking, varied buffets, and excellent multi-course menus in a family-friendly atmosphere or, for couples, an ultra-romantic ambience.
        • BLUEF!T®
          You can expect professional fitness classes and relaxation exercises, which often take place in front of a breathtaking backdrop, well-equipped gyms for individual training sessions, and the opportunity to see the daily updated programme in the BLUE® App before arrival.
          Cooking classes or wine tastings, immersion in the local culture or nature during an excursion, wellness retreats at the BLUE Spa, evening entertainment for all tastes, and much more.
        • BLUE® GUIDES 
          The guides are your local contacts for your holiday at TUI BLUE. Get in touch with us before you arrive via the BLUE App. The BLUE Guides have the best tips for nightlife, shopping, excursion destinations, and everything that interests you whilst on holiday.
        • BLUE® CONNECT 
          In the helpful and practical BLUE® App, you'll find not only all information about the hotel, but also excursion destinations, restaurant hours, and the full activities programme. Reserve a table in the restaurant or register for a fitness class before your arrive. All TUI BLUE hotels are equipped with free WiFi.


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