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BLUEf!t – discover something new and feel an enduring sense of fitness

Fitness, wellness, and nutrition tailored to your individual needs - that's what BLUEf!it is all about. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, we consulted the German University for Prevention and Health Care Management to ensure that BLUEf!t is an ideal training programme to further your sense of well-being.

STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE At the various fitness stations - and with the help of your BLUE Guides - you will have an opportunity to enhance both your strength and endurance. Whether you want to go hard and fast or ease yourself in, you decide on the frequency and intensity of the workouts. Our BLUEf!t Guides are on hand as professional consultants, so feel free to ask them any questions you might have. You can find the specific offers at your location with the BLUE App.

One of the stations is the SYNRGY BlueSky Training System by Life Fitness, the exercise studio for outdoor workouts that allows you to target specific parts of the body – whether alone or in a group. In the brand-new Bodyweight course you use your own weight to naturally build strength and stamina in a series of exercises.

Regardless of the weather, you can always use the gym to do individual workouts or take part in classes. Another option is to hire a personal trainer who will put together a training regimen that is tailored to your needs and goals. With BLUEf!t, you can also discover new trend sports. Try out TRX, slacklining, or any number of other sports activities in the appealing BLUEf!t Park. Boost your metabolism, increase your endurance, and improve your speed in a way that suits you.

FLEXIBILITY To ensure that your muscles remain elastic, BLUEf!t combines bodybuilding with flexibility exercises. Fascia, or the connective tissue that holds us together, surrounds the muscles and determines how flexible we are, so it plays an important role here. Our fascia training will teach you specific exercises that will help you maintain flexible connective tissue, regain flexibility, and release tension. It also helps you hone the precision of your movements to protect you from injuries, enhance balance, and increase muscle strength.

RELAXATION AND WELLNESS Train your mind as well as your body. Enhance your mental balance with BLUEf!t. Yoga and meditation exercises in the fresh garden air with a pristine view of the glistening sea – that's pure relaxation. Obviously, this includes a range of wellness offers. The spas of the TUI BLUE hotels are inspired by regional wellness traditions: you can treat yourself to a soothing Turkish soap massage in our hammam, strengthen your body's natural defences in the sauna, and indulge in a wellness drink at the BLUE Spa. Book your massages and beauty treatments online.         

NUTRITION With the right nutrition, you can benefit even more from BLUEf!t. Our professional BLUEf!t Guides are nutrition specialists who can show you what food and drinks will help you achieve your training goals and support a healthy lifestyle. Balanced nutrition at TUI BLUE hotels is augmented with hearty vegetarian, vegan and low-carb meals, and you can get fresh-squeezed juices or delicious smoothies to wash them down. To ensure that the training effect doesn't simply fizzle out after your holiday, you may want to consult with a BLUEf!t Guide to develop your own fitness programme and apply some of this nutritional wisdom to your daily life back home.

That's BLUEf!t
  • A combination of fitness, wellness and nutrition
  • Wide range of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Trend sports
  • Group training
  • Personal training
  • Fascia training for flexibility
  • Relaxation through yoga and meditation
  • Wellness treatments in the BLUE Spa
  • Specially tailored nutrition
  • Vegetarian, vegan and low-carb meals
  • Professional BLUEf!t guides
  • BLUE App with overview of available offers